My Testimonial

Within a matter of four months I was faced with three emotional and life-changing major stress events, two of loss and learning of a loved-one’s illness.  I kept plugging along, but my level of anxiety was growing and a part of my life circumstances continued to bring added stress to my life on top of the other events.  I enrolled in a wellness program, and my physical health was improving, but, I just could not shake the anxiety. I was losing a lot of hair. My blood work came back normal so my doctor wrote off the hair loss to a condition caused by stress.  One fateful day I went to my chiropractor and I expressed to him how I was having a hard time working my way back to feeling like myself.

He recommended Hemp Complete 6X Concentrate and I took a bottle home.  On my second day of using the extract I thought I was imagining a small shift.  On the fourth day, I knew it was not my imagination. I became emotional because I knew with all my being I was on my way back to “me.”  Hence, “My Blissful Heart.” I called my chiropractor to tell him I felt like I was experiencing a miracle and I told him I wanted to share this with others and so was born the idea of my new business venture.  

Within 30 days of starting that CBD oil my anxiety improved remarkably.  My hair not only stopped falling out, but it began to grow back. I continue to experience many personal benefits from using these products daily. I researched Bluebird Botanicals, the products offered, paid attention to my own results and read numerous testimonials of others all over the internet.  I felt with all my being that I needed to share my message and these products with others, always with the hope that I can help to make a difference in others’ lives. Thank you for stopping by!

This is my experience and my story.  I cannot guarantee your results will be the same.  Kat